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 ===KDE=== ===KDE===
-[[Keyboard ​layout ​in KDE]]+[[.keyboard_layout_in_kde|Keyboard ​Layout ​in KDE]]
 ===Xfce=== ===Xfce===
-[[Keyboard ​layout ​in Xfce]]+[[.keyboard_layout_in_xfce|Keyboard ​Layout ​in Xfce]]
 ===Fluxbox=== ===Fluxbox===
-[[Keyboard ​layout ​in Fluxbox]]+[[.keyboard_layout_in_fluxbox|Keyboard ​Layout ​in Fluxbox]]
 ===i3=== ===i3===
-[[Keyboard ​layout ​in i3]]+[[.keyboard_layout_in_i3|Keyboard ​Layout ​in i3]]
 ====== Sources ====== ====== Sources ======

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