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 ====== View EFI boot menu contents ====== ====== View EFI boot menu contents ======
-<​code>​efibootmgr</​code>​+<​code>​sudo efibootmgr</​code>​
 Will return something like: Will return something like:
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 List the current boot entries: List the current boot entries:
-<​code>​efibootmgr</​code>​+<​code>​sudo efibootmgr</​code>​
 Then delete the desired entry: Then delete the desired entry:
-<​code>​efibootmgr -Bb 0000</​code>​+<​code>​sudo efibootmgr -Bb 0000</​code>​ 
 +WHERE: 0000 is the menu entry number.

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