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howtos:network_services:nfs-quick_and_dirty_setup [2018/05/27 21:27 (UTC)]
bifferos [NFS - Quick and Dirty Setup] Tested on 14.2, still good. Nice howto :-)
howtos:network_services:nfs-quick_and_dirty_setup [2019/10/08 04:38 (UTC)] (current)
bassmadrigal Fix filename typo per Skaendo on LQ forum
Line 72: Line 72:
 chmod 755 /​etc/​rc.d/​rc.rpc chmod 755 /​etc/​rc.d/​rc.rpc
 /​etc/​rc.d/​rc.nfsd start /​etc/​rc.d/​rc.nfsd start
-/​etc/​rc.d/​rpc start+/etc/rc.d/rc.rpc start
 exportfs -a</​code>​ exportfs -a</​code>​

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