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Slackware docker images are available in the docker image registry.
They can be found in hub.docker.com/r/vbatts

Building the images

You can clone the git repository from github.com/vbatts/slackware-docker
Currently, using the installer bootstrap, the mkimage-slackware.sh can create an ultra-minimal Slackware filesystem. (does not even include pkgtools)

$ sudo docker -d &
$ make image

And then you'll be able to run

$ sudo docker run -i -t $USER/slackware-base /bin/sh

This will be the environment to build out the Dockerfile from 1)

To build alternate versions of slackware, pass gnu-make the RELEASE variable, like:

$ make image RELEASE=slackware64-13.37 IMG_NAME=$HOME/my_slackware:13.37

Running Slackware in Docker

This is this build process used to be the base of vbatts/slackware on the http://index.docker.io/

Just running:

$ docker run -i -t vbatts/slackware /bin/sh

Available tags/releases

Currently in the docker registry there are available images for:

  • Slackware64 13.37
  • Slackware64 14.0
  • Slackware64 14.1
  • Slackware64 14.2
  • Slackware64 current
  • Slackware64 latest


  • Slackware docker container with slackpkg+ 2)
FROM vbatts/slackware

# install slackpkg+
# http://ufpr.dl.sourceforge.net/project/slackpkgplus/slackpkg%2B-1.6.1p2-noarch-2mt.txz
# should put the commands in oneline so that the 'rm' command will take effect
RUN wget http://ufpr.dl.sourceforge.net/project/slackpkgplus/slackpkg%2B-1.6.1p2-noarch-2mt.txz && installpkg slackpkg+-1.6.1p2-noarch-2mt.txz && rm slackpkg+-1.6.1p2-noarch-2mt.txz

# add repository: http://packages.slackonly.com/
RUN echo "MIRRORPLUS['slackonly']=http://slackonly.com/pub/packages/current-x86_64/" >> /etc/slackpkg/slackpkgplus.conf
RUN sed -i '/^REPOPLUS/s/)/slackonly )/' /etc/slackpkg/slackpkgplus.conf

# If your dockerfile based on this one, please add the following two commands
# RUN slackpkg update gpg
# RUN slackpkg update
  • Slackware docker container with nginx 3)
FROM vbatts/slackware:current
MAINTAINER josemrb <work@josemrb.com>

# update slackpg
RUN slackpkg update

# install dependencies
	slackpkg -batch=on -default_answer=y install sasl rsync-* glibc-* perl && \
	slackpkg -batch=on -default_answer=y install autoconf automake binutils gettext-tools intltool kernel-headers libtool m4 make libmpc gcc-[0-9] gcc-g[+] && \
	slackpkg -batch=on -default_answer=y install pcre zlib libxslt libxml2 shadow

# update sbopkg and build
	mkdir -p /tmp/install && cd /tmp/install && \
	wget -c http://sbopkg.googlecode.com/files/sbopkg-0.37.0-noarch-1_cng.tgz && \
	installpkg sbopkg-0.37.0-noarch-1_cng.tgz && \
	mkdir -p /var/lib/sbopkg/SBo/14.1 && \
	mkdir -p /var/lib/sbopkg/queues && \
	mkdir -p /var/cache/sbopkg && \
	mkdir -p /var/log/sbopkg && \
	mkdir -p /tmp/SBo && \
	sbopkg -r && \
	sbopkg -B -i sbotools && \
	sbosnap fetch && \
	sboinstall -r GeoIP && \
	groupadd -g 8080 www-data && \
	useradd -g 8080 -u 8080 -M -s /bin/false www-data && \
	USE_GEOIP=yes NGINXUSER=www-data NGINXGROUP=www-data sboinstall -r nginx && \
	chown -R www-data:www-data /var/lib/nginx

# update script | add exec | run in foreground 
	chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.nginx

# copy config file
COPY ./nginx.conf /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

# define mountable directories
VOLUME ["/etc/nginx", "/etc/nginx/conf.d", "/var/lib/nginx"]

# set port

# start server
ENTRYPOINT /etc/rc.d/rc.nginx start

Note that this dockerfile expects an nginx.conf in the local directory.


* Originally written by lamerix
* Based on Vincent Batts's github README github.com/vbatts/slackware-docker
* Docker registry page hub.docker.com/r/vbatts/slackware

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