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How to run OpenXenManager On Slackware

( known to work with Slackware64 14.2)

1) Install Python from Slackware packages.
2) Install pygtk from Slackware packages (not needed for -current)
3) Install configobj from Slackbuilds.
4) Install gtk-vnc from Slackbuilds, use version 0.7.0, and get the corresponding slackbuild from git.

5) Download and unzip OpenXenManager (from: https://github.com/OpenXenManager/openxenmanager/archive/master.zip )
6) cd into the unzipped openxenmanager directory.
7) run ./openxenmanager

Note: This does *not* work with the latest XCP-ng (fails to connect). Version 7 seems OK.


 howtos:misc:openxenmanager ()