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 slackpkg install slackware64 slackpkg install slackware64
 </code> </code>
 +==== Custom Container Boot Process ====
 +In order to customize the boot process you can add or modify the init scripts listed in **/usr/share/lxc/scripts/slackware**.  Any changes you make to the existing scripts will be copied to **/etc/rc.d/** in each freshly created LXC container.  This will allow you to easily customize the boot process if you create many LXC containers.  A good example is if you add a custom rc.inet1.conf.  It can become a bit tedious if you wish to create several LXC containers that all use DHCP network addressing.  The solution is to create your own rc.inet1.conf, set **USE_DHCP[0]="yes"**, named it **rc.inet1.conf.lxc**, and save it in **/usr/share/lxc/scripts/slackware**.  Your custom rc.inet1.conf will be copied to each new container.
 ==== Sharing Directories with the Host ==== ==== Sharing Directories with the Host ====

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