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 +====== Linux HOWTOs ======
 +The Linux HOWTOs are a collection of documents which cover specific subjects related to GNU/Linux. Most Linux
 +HOWTOs are not tailored to a specific distribution,​ therefore they are very useful for Slackware Linux users. The linux-
 +howtos package in the “f” software set contains the HOWTO collection. After installing this package the HOWTOs
 +are available from the /​usr/​doc/​Linux-HOWTOs/​ directory. Slackware Linux also contains a small collection of
 +Linux-related FAQs (FAQs are documents that answer Frequently Asked Questions). The Linux FAQs are installed
 +to the /​usr/​doc/​Linux-FAQs/​ directory, and are available from the linux-faqs package, which is also part of
 +the “f” software set.
 +The /​usr/​doc/​Linux-HOWTOs/​ directory is large - the file /​usr/​doc/​Linux-HOWTOs/​HOWTO-INDEX is an excellent guide.
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