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 </​note>​ </​note>​
- +**//​anacron//​** is unique from **//​cron//​** ​in the respect that it does not expect the operating system ​to be running continuously like a 24x7 server. If the time of execution passes while the system is turned off**//​anacron//​** executes the command automatically when the machine is turned back on. The reverse is **not** true for **//​cron//​** - if the computer is turned off during the time of scheduled execution, **//​cron//​** will not execute the job. Another key difference between **//​anacron//​** and **//​cron//​** is the minimum chronological "​granularity"​ - **//​anacron//​** can only execute jobs by //day//, versus the ability of **//​cron//​** ​to execute by the //minute//Finally, **//​anacron//​** can __only__ be used by root, while **//​cron//​** can be used by root and normal users.
- +
-<​note>​ +
-The links in red are to non-existent articles. +
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-If you are experienced with those toolsplease feel free to write the articles. +
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