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Setting up a Slackware chroot

There are multiple reasons why you might want to set up a Slackware chroot:

  • building 32-bit packages on a 64-bit multilib system
  • building -stable packages on a -current system
  • building (and testing) packages for SBo on a clean system

For this guide, we'll create a chroot at /chroot_folder from slackware-14.1-install-dvd.iso.

Obtaining a Slackware installation of your desired architecture

Start with a Slackware installation DVD. Download it from from http://www.slackware.com/getslack/ via torrent.

Installing the packages


You can create your chroot and install Slackware into it using the following elegant script: http://dawoodfall.net/files/scripts/bash/mkchroot


First, create a folder which will contain the chroot:

mkdir /chroot_folder

Mount the installation ISO:

mount -o loop slackware-14.1-install-dvd.iso /mnt/cdrom
cd /mnt/cdrom

After the ISO has been mounted, the packages (found under the slackware or slackware64 folder) can be installed to the chroot folder with:

installpkg --root /chroot-folder */*.t?z

Then unmount the ISO:

umount /mnt/cdrom

Mounting the Chroot

To have the chroot mounted permanently, add the following to your fstab:

/dev             chroot_folder/dev             none bind,auto 0 0
/proc            chroot_folder/proc            none bind,auto 0 0
/sys             chroot_folder/sys             none bind,auto 0 0
/etc/resolv.conf chroot_folder/etc/resolv.conf none bind,auto 0 0

If you don't want to reboot at this point, then you can mount the chroot manually:

mount /chroot_folder

Also, refer to: (volume_mounting).

Chrooting into the Chroot

Now that the chroot is set up, you can chroot into it:

chroot /chroot_folder /bin/bash

Updating packages

After that, you can run slackpkg and update the packages: (configure_a_package_manager).


When you're done, exited the chroot by pressing Ctrl+d.

One Use: Building 32-bit Packages

Mounting partitions

I use a chroot to build 32-bit packages on a 64-bit system. I needed to mount the partition which contained the SlackBuilds for which I wanted to make a package, As my Slackware host mount point is (in this example) at /slackware_host_mount_point, I used the command:

mount -B /slackware_host_mount_point /chroot_folder


Then I built the package by executing the Slackbuild as follows:

ARCH=i686 ./my_package.SlackBuild

Wrote a small script to automate these steps.



* Originally written by Aaditya

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