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 In this article, you will learn to: In this article, you will learn to:
- +  - Install rdiff-backup  
-1. Install rdiff-backup  +  ​- ​rdiff-backup –exclude-globbing-filename $HOME/​.excludes $HOME /​path/​to/​drive  
-2. rdiff-backup –exclude-globbing-filename $HOME/​.excludes $HOME /​path/​to/​drive  +  ​- ​Automate rdiff-backup with cron  
-3. Automate rdiff-backup with cron  +  ​- ​Restore from a backup
-4. Restore from a backup+
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 To install rdiff-backup:​ To install rdiff-backup:​
-1. First, install ​its dependency, librsync, from https://​slackbuilds.org/​result/?​search=librsync +  - Install ​its dependency, librsync, from https://​slackbuilds.org/​result/?​search=librsync 
-2. Then install ​rdiff-backup from https://​slackbuilds.org/​result/?​search=rdiff-backup+  - Install ​rdiff-backup from https://​slackbuilds.org/​result/?​search=rdiff-backup

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