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 At the moment only a subset of the included services have been tested, so some of them may not run correctly. At the moment only a subset of the included services have been tested, so some of them may not run correctly.
-If some service does not work try the system provided one in ///​etc/​rc.d//​ if available.+If some service does not worktry the system provided one in ///​etc/​rc.d// ​(if available).
 ==== mysqld ==== ==== mysqld ====
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   socket = /​var/​run/​mysql/​mysql.sock   socket = /​var/​run/​mysql/​mysql.sock
 +==== Dealing with crashed services ====
 +Sometimes openrc reports a service'​s status as "​crashed"​. The process may have died or its pid file disappeared/​changed.
 +If one tries to start a crashed service, `rc-service` reports:
 +  * WARNING: <​service>​ has already been started
 +So one tries to stop it before starting again.
 +However in some situations, the service does not stop. This leads to a deadlock where one can neither stop the service nor start it. For such cases:
 +  # rc-service <​service>​ zap
 +  * Manually resetting <​service>​ to stopped state
 +**zap** resets the service state, allowing us to start it again.
 +==== Errors while booting ====
 +After installing or updating the **openrc-services** packages, you may get errors like:
 +   * checkpath: owner `netdata:​netdata'​ not found
 +This is because **openrc-services** contains services for some packages not found in the base Slackware install, but present on SBo.
 +These usually go away on their own after the openrc cache is updated.
 ====== See Also ====== ====== See Also ======
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 [[https://​github.com/​OpenRC/​openrc/​|Github]] [[https://​github.com/​OpenRC/​openrc/​|Github]]
 +[[https://​github.com/​OpenRC/​openrc/​blob/​master/​user-guide.md|User guide]]
 [[https://​www.linuxquestions.org/​questions/​slackware-14/​using-openrc-on-slackware-4175542567/​|LQ thread]] [[https://​www.linuxquestions.org/​questions/​slackware-14/​using-openrc-on-slackware-4175542567/​|LQ thread]]
-[[https://​gitlab.com/​aadityabagga/​openrc-services-ng|openrc-services repo]]+[[https://​gitlab.com/​aadityabagga/​openrc-services|openrc-services repo]]

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