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 ====== Install Fonts ====== ====== Install Fonts ======
-1) Copy your font files (.ttf and/or .otf) to their respective directories: ​\\ +  ​- ​Copy your font files (.ttf and/or .otf) to their **respective** directories: ​<​code>​ 
-     ​/​usr/​share/​fonts/​TTF +/​usr/​share/​fonts/​TTF 
-     ​/​usr/​share/​fonts/​OTF +/​usr/​share/​fonts/​OTF 
- +</​code>​ 
-2) Run the following commands: ​\\ +  ​- ​Run the following commands, with the directory where you copied the fonts as argument<​code>​ 
-     ​mkfontdir +mkfontdir 
-     ​mkfontscale +mkfontscale 
-     ​fc-cache +fc-cache ​-f -v 
- +</​code>​ 
-3) Restart X. +  ​- ​Restart X.
- +
 ====== Sources ====== ====== Sources ======

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