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Servidor DHCP a través de DNSMasq

Para configurar un servidor DHCP, puede usar el paquete dhcp (incluido con Slackware)
Puede hacerlo de la manera más fácil y usar DNSMasq (también incluido con Slackware).

Suponiendo que no tiene instalado DNSMasq:

  1. Install the official dnsmasq Slackware package either by pkgtool or slackpkg.
  2. Make DNSMasq start on boot:
    # chmod  755 /etc/rc.d/rc.dnsmasq

    (At this point you will have a really cool little DNS on your box but, that's not what we're going after here…)
    If you already had DNSMasq running on your box, start here:

  3. Edit the /etc/dnsmasq.conf file:
        dhcp-range=1ST_POOL_IP,LAST_POOL_IP,12h  (using your correct IP range)
  4. If your DNSMasq box isn't also your gateway router, tell your DHCP clients who is the default gateway:
  5. Start/restart DNSMasq:
    # /etc/rc.d/rc.dnsmasq restart

You should now have a working DHCP server.

Persistent IP addresses

To assign IP addresses based on a device's MAC address, edit the file /etc/dnsmasq.conf and add the following line for every device (using the correct MAC and IP address of course):


NOTE: The IP address should be outside the DHCP address pool.


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