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-<epub:Slackware Essentials, Revised> +~~NOCACHE~~ 
- [[slackbook:introduction_to_slackware]]+====== EPUB version of Slackware Linux Essentials, Revised ====== 
 +  * For Wiki Editors: \\ By pressing <key>Start</key> you will generate an uptodate electronic book version in [[wp>EPUB|EPUB]] format of the Slackware Linux Essentials Book. You will be able to download it afterwards. 
 +  * For visitors: \\ Use the download link above to get the most recent version of a pre-generated e-book. Leave a message in the discussion page if you feel that the e-book is outdated and needs to be refreshed. 
 +The Slackware Essentials Book (revised edition) is an exact copy of the original content on http://slackbook.org/beta/ 
 +<epub:Slackware Linux Essentials, Revised> 
 +  :slackbook:epub:title 
 +  [[:slackbook:start|Index]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:conventions_used_in_this_book|Conventions Used in this Book]] 
 +  [[slackbook:intro_to_slackware|Introduction to Slackware]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:install|Installation]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:booting|Booting]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:shell|Basic Shell Commands]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:bash|The Bourne Again Shell]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:process_control|Process Control]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:xwindow_system|The X Window System]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:printing|Printing]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:users|Users and Groups]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:filesystem_permissions|Filesystem Permissions]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:working_with_filesystems|Working with Filesystems]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:vi|Vi]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:emacs|Emacs]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:network|Networking]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:wifi|Wireless Networking]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:basic_networking_utilities|Basic Networking Utilities]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:package_management|Package Management]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:tracking_updates|Keeping Track of Updates]] 
 +  [[:slackbook:linux_kernel|The Linux Kernel]]
 </epub> </epub>

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