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Installing Slackware AArch64 on the Pinebook Pro

Platform AArch64
Slackware DistributionSlackware AArch64 Current
Hardware Model Pinebook Pro


Needs organising

Item Specification Notes
Micro SD Card 2GB minimum, fast speed, good quality make Used as the OS' /boot partition
NVME Tested: Kingston A2000 SSD = 500GB Contains Operating System
NVME adapter cable
Serial console adapter Recommended but not required, although is useful to debug any issues during boot
Docking station Recommended but not required. The Pinebook Pro has no onboard Ethernet, so this is used during the installer (but the installation media can also be stored on a USB stick)

the most important thing is to install the nvme disk, enable the serial console (head phone jack), and

             install slackware to the new driver FIRST

after that you can wipe your internal eMMC

the default uboot is looking for Arm Trusted Firmware

*drive, not driver haha

*** COLD BOOT - hold down for about 10 seconds after installer

* Disconnect any USB devices that aren't required for the OS installation

you just need the installer on an sd card and the nvme disk installed into the pinebook case it might be a good idea to disable the eMMC module while you have the case open if you plan to use the serial cable, you need to switch it on (same switch to reenable the head phone jack) https://wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Pinebook_Pro#Internal_Layout #2 nvme connection #9 headphone / UART switch #24 switch for eMMC

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