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Slackware Linux Essentials


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Why A New Slackware Book?

Slackware Linux may be one of the oldest surviving Linux distributions but it's still regularly updated and includes the latest releases of many of the most popular free software programs. While Slackware does aim to maintain its traditional UNIX roots and values, there is no escaping “progress”. Subsystems change, window managers come and go and new ways are devised to manage the complexities of a modern operating system. While we do resist change for change's sake, it's inevitable that as things evolve documentation becomes stale — books are no exception.

Conventions Used in this Book




Book Chapters

  1. Introduction to Slackware
  2. Booting
  3. The Bourne Again Shell
  4. Process Control
  5. The X Window System
  6. Filesystem Permissions
  7. Working with Filesystems
  8. vi
  9. Basic Networking Utilities
  10. Package Management
  11. Keeping Track of Updates
  12. The Linux Kernel


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