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-<note warning>​warning</​note>​Work in progress (Gabriel Yong)+====== 主页 ======
 +欢迎来到 SlackDocs 维基: [[slackware:​slackware|Slackware Linux]] [[start|documentation]] 网络资源的主要来源。
-====== **主页** ======+===== Slackware 入门 ​===== 
 +下面的链接对于 [[slackware:​slackware|Slackware Linux]] 新手很实用。
-欢迎来到SlackDocs维基:您的 ​[[slackware:​slackware|Slackware ​Linux]] [[start|documentation]] 网络资源的主要来源。 +  * [[slackware:​install|Slackware ​installation]] 安装入门[[slackware:​slackware|Slackware Linux]] ​系统安装与配置的完全指南,适合新老用户
- +
-===== **Slackware入门** ===== +
- +
-下面的链接提供予 ​[[slackware:​slackware|Slackware Linux]] ​初学者帮助 +
- +
-  * [[slackware:​install|Slackware installation]]:​ a guide through the whole process of installing and configuring [[slackware:​slackware|Slackware Linux]]; written for new and experienced users alike.+
   ​   ​
-  * [[slackware:​beginners_guide|Configure your new Slackware ​System]]; how to proceed after the installation has completed.+  * [[slackware:​beginners_guide|配置你的新 ​Slackware ​系统]]; 系统安装完毕后的配置。
-  * [[slackbook:​start|The Slackware Linux Essentials Book]]: ​a valuable resource for those venturing into Slackware (or Linux in general) ​for the first time. The original ​SlackBook ​can be found on your Slackware CDROM or DVD, and it can also be read online: ​http://​slackbook.org/​beta/​+  * [[slackbook:​start|The Slackware Linux Essentials Book]] ​Slackware Linux 要点册本: Slackware (或 Linux in general) ​有意探索者的资讯。 ​SlackBook ​正本可在 ​  Slackware CDROM or DVD 内找到也可在线阅读 ​http://​slackbook.org/​beta/​
-  * [[slackware:​faq|FAQ]]: ​a list of common and frequently asked questions. ​+  * [[slackware:​faq|FAQ]]: ​常见问题列表。
 +===== Slackware Linux 发行版 =====
-===== The Slackware Linux Distribution =====+  * [[slackware:​slackware|Slackware]]:​ [[slackware:​slackware|Slackware Linux]] 简介; 描述可对[[slackware:​slackware|Slackware Linux]] 系统的期待。
-  * [[slackware:​slackware|Slackware]]: ​a brief overview of [[slackware:​slackware|Slackware Linux]]; describes what to expect from a [[slackware:​slackware|Slackware Linux]] ​system.+  * [[slackware:​philosophy|The Slackware ​Way]]: 描述 ​[[slackware:​slackware|Slackware Linux]]的原则与设计理念。 ​
-  * [[slackware:​philosophy|The Slackware Way]]: describes the principles and philosophy of [[slackware:​slackware|Slackware Linux]]. +===== Slackware Linux 社区 =====
 +  * [[slackware:​community|Getting Involved]]: 讲解Slackers(初学者和精通者)如何给予Slackware社区各方面的贡献。
-===== The Community =====+  * [[slackware:​external|Links and pointers]]: 其它提供关于Slackware资讯的网址。
-  * [[slackware:community|Getting Involved]]: describes various ways Slackers (both new and experienced users) can contribute to the Slackware community. ​+  * [[slackdocs:tutorial|SlackDocs Wiki Tutorial]]: 编辑与贡献SlackDocs维基的教程。
-  * [[slackware:external|Links and pointers]]: other sites on the web offering Slackware related information.+  * [[howtos:start|HOWTOs]]: 其它 HOWTO 文章
-  * [[slackdocs:​tutorial|SlackDocs ​Wiki Tutorial]]: a short tutorial on editing and contributing to the SlackDocs wiki.+===== 更多关于 ​SlackDocs ​项目的资讯 =====
-  * [[howtos:start|HOWTOs]]: HOWTO articles that can not be categorized by any of the above.+[[slackdocs:news|维基新闻]] 页面维基管理员的消息。
 +如果你只是想谈谈我们的Wiki页面的内容,如果你想提出改善建议一个页面,您可以使用“讨论”选项卡显示在每一页的顶部,并留下您的想法/​评论/​想法。另外,SlackDocs也有一个邮件列表,可用于 http://​lists.alienbase.nl/​mailman/​listinfo/​slackdocs 内容的讨论和头脑风暴(我们保留 [[http://​lists.alienbase.nl/​pipermail/​slackdocs/​|讨论存档]])。
-===== More About the SlackDocs Project =====+如果你愿意或能够对wiki作出贡献,​ 敬请参阅 [[slackdocs:​contributing|此列表]]。 也许你已经有一个想法,一个新的文章! \\ 也许你对你的写作技巧或如何开始贡献可能是不确定的。我们建议您订阅[[http://​lists.alienbase.nl/​mailman/​listinfo/​slackdocs|邮件列表]] 并寻求帮助。在名单上的人一定会提供协助。\\ 如果你认为很难用一个邮件列表,我们为您写了[[slackdocs:​mailing_list#​how_to_use_the_slackdocs_mailing_list|有用的指示]]。
-The [[slackdocs:​news|Wiki News]] page is where you look for news from the Wiki admins.+我们有记录[[slackdocs:​stats|统计]] Wiki的活动统计。 
 +如果你想知道谁是团队组员,是谁保持网站的结构和重点,请到访我们的 [[slackdocs:​contact|联系页面]].
-If you just want to talk about the content of any of our Wiki pages, or if you want to propose improvements to a page, you can use the "​discussion"​ tab which shows up at the top of every page, and leave your thoughts/comments/​ideas there. Alternatively,​ SlackDocs also has a mailing list which can be used for content discussion and brainstorming at http://​lists.alienbase.nl/​mailman/​listinfo/​slackdocs (we keep the [[http://​lists.alienbase.nl/​pipermail/​slackdocs/​|discussion archives]]).+===== 国际化/本地化 =====
-If you are willing and able to contribute to the wiki, please see [[slackdocs:​contributing|this list]] for ideas. Perhaps you already have an idea for a new article! \\ We understand that you may be uncertain about your writing skills or unsure about how to start contributing. If that is the case, we encourage you to subscribe to the [[http://​lists.alienbase.nl/​mailman/​listinfo/​slackdocs|mailing list]] and ask for help. The people on that list will certainly offer assistance. \\ If you think that a mailing list is difficult to use, we wrote [[slackdocs:​mailing_list#​how_to_use_the_slackdocs_mailing_list|helpful instructions]] for you.+是不是觉得阅读用母语写成的文章更舒服?点击这里的列表 ​[[slackdocs:​languages|here]] 语言类别和其他国际信息。 
 +===== 帮助 =====
-We keep some [[slackdocs:​stats|statistics]] of the activities in our Wiki.+==== 在此Wiki搜索信息 ====
-If you want to know who are part of the team that is keeping the site structured and focused, visit our [[slackdocs:contact|contact page]].+  * 如果寻找特定信息,请尝试使用左侧的搜索框。 
 +  * 另外,使用Google的“网站”搜索功能,通过添加"//​site:​docs.slackware.com//"​ 的搜索条件。 
 +  * 另外一个更简单的寻找信息方法:​ 启用维基 ​[[http://​www.opensearch.org/​|OpenSearch]] ((是一个标准,使很容易地集成到您的浏览器网站的搜索。))所有现代浏览器都有此。 \\ 这里是如何搜索到Firefox添加SlackDocs(其他浏览器可能以类似的方式处理): 
 +    * 打开 [[start|维基起始页面]] ​   
 +   * 单击搜索栏左边的小箭头 
 +    * 选择"​添加SlackDocs"​
-===== Internationalization / Localization =====+==== 编辑此Wiki ​====
-Are you more comfortable reading articles in your native languageClick [[slackdocs:languages|here]] for a list of available language categories and other internationalization information+你必须创建一个帐户[[http://​docs.slackware.com/​start?do=register|创建一个帐户]] (即便只想在“讨论”页上写东西)。完成后,你可以在[[playground:playground|游乐场]] 或您自己的用户页游览以熟悉[[wiki:​syntax|Dokuwiki的标记]]. 列出的[[wiki:​syntax|wiki:​句法]] 将指引你发现已安装的插件,​ 提供您一些额外的功能。 ​ 
-===== Help =====+ 
-==== Searching for Information in This Wiki ==== 
-  * If looking for specific information,​ try using the search box to the left. 
-  * Alternatively,​ use Google'​s "​site"​ search feature by appending "//​site:​docs.slackware.com//"​ to search terms. 
-  * An even easier way of searching for information in SlackDocs: the Wiki is [[http://​www.opensearch.org/​|OpenSearch]] ((OpenSearch is a standard to make it easy to integrate a website'​s search into your browser.)) enabled. This is supported by all modern browsers. \\ Here is how to add SlackDocs search to Firefox (other browsers probably handle it in a similar way): 
-    * open the [[start|wiki start page]] in the browser 
-    * click the little arrow on the left of your search field 
-    * choose "Add SlackDocs"​ 
-==== Editing This Wiki ==== 
-You must [[http://​docs.slackware.com/​start?​do=register|create an account]] to edit this wiki (even if you only want to write something on a "​discussion"​ page). Once done, you can play around in the [[playground:​playground|Playground]] or your own user page to familiarize yourself with the [[wiki:​syntax|Dokuwiki markup]]. The available syntax is listed in [[wiki:​syntax|wiki:​syntax]] where you will also find pointers to the plugins which have been installed, providing additional functionality. 

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