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Hi, I'm zithro, a french new Slacker, currently living in Australia.
I am the noob eyes on this site, reviewing the english and french parts and contributing to some french translations.
If you want to contact me, feel free to use my discussion page.

Slackware use: main OS on my laptop (Slack v13.37).
IT interests: system, network, security, development.
Main languages: PHP, SQL, Javascript.
Various experiences in: C#, Transact-SQL, VBScript, VB.NET, PL-SQL, bash, M$ batch/regedit files, C.
Adhered philosophies: KISS (with no comma !), IRL first.
Thoughts: 'Can I script it to avoid doing it multiple times?', 'IT's age is like the Industrial age. More and more automation, less and less manual work'

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Personal notes.

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