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Enabling Secure Boot on Slackware 2015/02/28 14:55 (UTC) Jonathan Li
Habilitando el arranque seguro en Slackware 2019/02/21 01:45 (UTC) Victor

Article Research

Some things I plan on looking up next:

  • efilinux bootloader - Does it require a signed kernel if Secure Boot is enabled? If it does then it might be useful for secure booting machines with 32-bit EFI firmware and a 64-bit processor. The CONFIG_EFI_MIXED option in recent kernels allows such machines to boot in EFI mode, but also disables booting EFI stub kernels directly.
  • Using the Microsoft signed Preloader.efi and Hashtool.efi to create install media that works by default on a machine with Secure Boot on and only Microsoft Secure Boot keys (see http://blog.hansenpartnership.com/linux-foundation-secure-boot-system-released).

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