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I'm a UK based Slackware user who looks after a few slackbuilds relating to games and bible software and a few other bits and bobs, like gambas and beebem.

My first computer was a bbc micro, and I caught the “computer” bug, teaching myself basic, and writing a few games. I was introduced to UNIX in 1992/3 when I worked at ICL. I switched to Slackware when Redhat went “paid only” around 2002/2003 and haven't looked back. I have non-terrestrial internet which has very limited data so have had to be very careful and creative over the past 25years when it comes to downloading stuff. I did prepare an offline help for SDL2 for devcpp for that reason, and hope to get round to updating it eventually as it is a bit out of date :-)

I love the way that Slackware does not hide configuration away from the user, unlike some other os's, and it makes scripting and updating so much easier. I'm looking forward to slackware 15 and support for newer graphics APU's and adapters in the stock system. You will find me on a few forums as timsoft, but I have no connections with a french software company of the same name.

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