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 ====== Slackjeff ====== ====== Slackjeff ======
-{{ :wiki:user:slack-docs.png?200|}}+{{ :wiki:user:slackjeff.jpg?200|}}
-  * **Name**: ​Jefferson Rocha +Hello! My name is Jefferson Rocha, aka slackjeff. 
-  * **Languages**:​ PortugueseEnglish +I am Brazilian and I use Slackware since 2008then i have been actively contributing to the project Slackware indirectly. 
-  ​* ​**Slackware ​user since**: 2008 + 
-  * **Website**: ​[[https://​www.slackjeff.com.br|slackjeff.com.br]] +**You can see how I contribute to Slackware ​and GNU/Linux:** 
-  * **Youtube Channel**: [[https://www.youtube.com/slackjeff|Slackjeff]] +  * YouTube channel ​[[https://​www.youtube.com/slackjeff|Slackjeff]],​ actively talking about Slackware. 
-  * **SlackBuilds maintainer**: ​[[https://​git.slackbuilds.org/​slackbuilds/​log/?​h=14.2&​qt=author&​q=jefferson+rocha|Dokuwiki, manaplus, avr-gcc and others.]] +  * Unofficial Writer Documentation for Slackware. 
-  * **Hobby**: My main hobby besides ​programming is writing/​translating documentation. +  * Creator of the team [[https://​t.me/​slackdocsbrasil|SlackDocs Brasil]]. 
-  * **Contact**: root at slackjeff ​dot com dot br+  * SlackCon Brasil Creator. A Slackware fest in Brazil, see: [[https://slackcon.org/|slackcon]] 
 +  * Maintainer some scripts ​[[https://​git.slackbuilds.org/​slackbuilds/​log/?​h=14.2&​qt=author&​q=jefferson+rocha|Slackbuilds]]. 
 +  * Telegram Group Administrator:​ [[https://​t.me/​slackshowbr|Slackware Show BR]] 
 +  * Moderator of Latin America'​s largest Linux forum [[https://​www.vivaolinux.com.br|Viva o Linux]] 
 +===== My hobbies ===== 
 +I use computers since 1999, as main hoobie i love programming ​(shell, perl) and creating some 90s style website. 
 +Another hoobie ​is writing/​translating documentation. 
 +===== Life and Style ===== 
 +Currently married to a future Slacker, which I have one child, tati 8-) 
 +I love the simplicity. I am currently trying to live an extremely simple life. 
 +Contact: ​[[root@slackjeff.com.br|root@slackjeff.com.br]] 
 +Slackjeff on freenode. 
 **Simplicity above all!** **Simplicity above all!**
 ===== My articles eng/pt-br ===== ===== My articles eng/pt-br =====
 {{topic>​author_slackjeff -work_in_progress&​table&​showdate&​user&​nodesc&​nocomments&​notags&​nosort}} {{topic>​author_slackjeff -work_in_progress&​table&​showdate&​user&​nodesc&​nocomments&​notags&​nosort}}

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