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  • Didier Spaier
  • Country: France
  • Birth year: 1949
  • Slackware user since end of 2004 (Slackware 11.0)
  • Professionnal website: http://epsm.fr (but somehow retired now)
  • Languages: French (native language), English (lot of room for improvement)
  • Founder and maintainer of the Slackware Internationalization Project aka slint, see http://slint.fr
  • (Former) contributor to other projects: wackowiki.org, opensi-community.fr, eagle-usb
  • Active on LQ
  • No article contributed to slackdocs yet but I intent to write soon about internationalizing and localizing shell scripts
  • Contact: didier dot spaier at epsm dot fr

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