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-Computer programmer/scientist since 1993 (CWU 2012 BSc.)\\ +* philosopher-mathematician-scientist [[http://davidchmelik.com|David Chmelik]], programmer since 1993 (CWU 2012 BSc.)\\ 
-Unix & Slackware user/programmer since 1997.\\ +Unix & Slackware user/programmer/scientist since 1997.\\ 
-Maintainer of SlackBuilds.\\ +* Editor/creator of some wiki material since '00s.\\ 
-Wiki editor since '00s.\\ +* [[irc://freenode/##slackware]] & [[irc://freenode/#slackbuilds | #slackbuilds]] & [[irc://freenode/#slackdocs | #slackdocs]] DarwinElf\\ 
-[[davidchmelik.com]]+* Maintainer/creator of [[http://slackbuilds.org/cgit/slackbuilds/log/?qt=author&q=David+Melik|some]] [[http://SlackBuilds.org|SlackBuilds]] since '10.\\ 
 +[[howtos:zfs_home |ZFS /home]]\\ 
 +tips ([[http://slackwiki.com|SlackWiki]])\\ 
 +* [[http://slackwiki.com/Decompress_many|Decompress many]]\\ 
 +* [[http://slackwiki.com/Fonts_update |Fonts update]]\\ 
 +* [[http://slackwiki.com/Git_pull_writable |Git pull writable]]\\ 
 +* [[http://slackwiki.com/Thumbnails |Thumbnails]] 

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