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-==== cmyster ==== +===== cmyster ​===== 
-NameAmit Ugol\\ +**Name** - Amit Ugol\\ 
-Age: 31\\ +**Location** - Israel\\ 
-Location: Haifa, ​Israel\\ +**Starting Version** - Slackware ​8.0\\ 
-Hobbies:  ​Slackware, PC games, ​ProgrammingScriptingPhotographyMartial ArtsFood(!)\\+**Current Version** - slackware-current (32b) since 2008\\ 
 +Apart from slackingother hobbies of mine are PC games (or at least I want to think I have the time)scripting (slacking at work)photographycookingmartial arts and my [[http://​​albums/​ss154/​cmyster/​rawr.jpg | cats]]. 
 +I can be found in the slack IRC channels and at amit dot ugol at gmail dot com. 
 +==== In this project ==== 
 +I am adding a few simple things that I come across and mostly adding tipsnotes and a few explanations to other pages as a silent contributor.

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