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Hi! Мy name is Bojan. I am a 31 year old male from Serbia (Former Yugoslavia). I have been a Linux user since 2001 and a Slackware user since 2005. I'm the author of the numerous articles in Serbian related to home usage of GNU/Linux (and a few related to system administration) on the two sites I am (directly or indirectly) affiliated with. One of those is an informal and non-profit community of Slackware Linux users in Serbia: Slackware Srbija (Serbia). We have a small, but active community consisting of the users of the various levels of knowledge or Slackware experience. I've been a member of a community since 2006, but got involved directly in 2011, when I became one of the staff members. The other one is a Linux subforum of one of the largest internet communities in Serbia. MyCity is primarly a web forum (or a group of three topically diverse web forums). It has it's roots in 2002. It began as a technical forum with a custom forum software and the name “zaštita” (security). The today's name stems from some of the possibilites of the custom web forum software it originally used: it was imagined as a kind of a real virtual city with functions and “a virtual money”. Over the years it got more and more general and the original software was replaced with an inhouse developed highly customized version of PHPBB. Today the forums are split in three groups: general forums, tech forums and military forums. MyCity Linux subforums are part of the MyCity Tech and have a long history. Rare are those of any importance on Serbian Linux scene who haven't, at least at some point of time, been a members and more or less actively contributed to the discussions.

SlackDocs involvement

My primary goal in contributing to the SlackDocs projects is to provide access to wide wealth of knowledge offered by SlackDocs to non-english speaking Serbian Slackware users (Serbian translation). I also got involved in a Slackware Localization article along the way. As I work on this on my own spare time, I may be more or less active depending on a real life obligations and activities or those of the other projects I'm involved in.

There are other Slackware Serbia members who considered contributing to the Serbian translation, but only two of us are active at this point of time (the other being fellow Serbian Slackware user slackmuz). Unfortunately, the feedback from general public was practically non-existant.

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