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Hi, my name is David Allen, although amongst my friends I answer much more readily to the nickname 'Doc'. My initial Slackware install was Slackware 8.1, just prior to Slackware 9 being released. I run Slackware at home as well as a Slackware server at work for a small intranet of Windows machines. I have experience with writing technical documents as well as editing those prepared by people who have English as a second language. If you want to find out why I do not make my living doing web site design you can look here. :-) http://www.members.optushome.com.au/david.a58


Audio and snd-hda-intel2012/09/26 01:25 (UTC)Audio and snd-hda-intel Overview This HOWTO deals with issues related to sound cards which use the Intel HDA chipset. Do you encounter audio problems such as: * No sound? * Headphones work but speakers do not? * Speakers work but headphones do not?, , , ,
Audio et snd-hda-intel2013/07/16 11:42 (UTC)Audio et snd-hda-intel Problématique Ce HOWTO est relatif aux problèmes rencontrés avec les cartes son qui utilisent le chipset Intel HDA. Avez-vous rencontré des problèmes audio comme : * Aucun son ? * Les casques fonctionnent mais pas les haut parleurs, , , ,
Brother printer/scanner installation2012/12/30 16:16 (UTC)Brother printer/scanner installation Brother makes a variety of printers and multifunction devices. There is a strong commitment to Linux support, but the driver packages are offered only in .rpm or .deb format. So what does a Slackware user do?, , , , ,
Configuración de NFS2019/02/11 12:13 (UTC)Configuración de NFS Esta es una guía rápida para configurar NFS en Slackware para usar en una LAN doméstica. El ejemplo utilizado es para la conexión de una computadora portátil con una computadora de escritorio que también tiene una partición NTFS montada en / music. Se supone que se ha establecido la conectividad de red básica. Esta guía está en gran parte cortada y pegada de otros documentos más definitivos., , , , ,
Home NFS Setup HOWTO2012/09/25 03:58 (UTC)Home NFS Setup HOWTO This is a quick guide to setting up NFS in Slackware for use in a home LAN. The example used is for connection of a laptop computer with a desktop computer that also has an NTFS partition mounted on /music. It assumes that basic network connectivity has been established. This guide is largely cut and pasted from other more definitive documents., , , , ,
Redimensionner une Image RAW QEMU Comportant un Système de Fichiers NTFS2015/09/11 00:56 (UTC)Redimensionner une Image RAW QEMU Comportant un Système de Fichiers NTFS C'est un guide rapide pour augmenter l'espace disponible de votre machine virtuelle Windows munie d'un système de fichiers NTFS. L'exemple s'appuie sur le redimensionnement d'une partition de 5Go à 6Go., , , , , , , ,
Resizing a QEMU raw image with an NTFS filesystem2019/02/06 11:32 (UTC)Resizing a QEMU raw image with an NTFS filesystem Esta es una guía rápida para aumentar el espacio en disco disponible para su máquina virtual de Windows con un sistema de archivos NTFS. El ejemplo se basa en aumentar una partición de 5 GB a 6, , , , , , ,
Resizing a QEMU raw image with an NTFS filesystem2013/12/15 00:59 (UTC)Resizing a QEMU raw image with an NTFS filesystem This is a quick guide to increasing the disk space available to your Windows virtual machine with an NTFS file system. The example is based on increasing a partition from 5GB to 6GB. Use qemu-img to resize the QEMU raw disk image, , , , , , ,
Àudio i snd-hda-intel2023/12/12 05:26 (UTC)Àudio i snd-hda-intel Perspectiva General Aquest COM tracta amb els problemes relacionats amb targetes de so que utilitzen el conjunt de xips Intel HDA. Et trobes amb problemes d'àudio com: * Cap so? * Els auriculars funcionen però els altaveus no?, , , ,
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