[2024-feb-29] Sad news: Eric Layton aka Nocturnal Slacker aka vtel57 passed away on Feb 26th, shortly after hospitalization. He was one of our Wiki's most prominent admins. He will be missed.

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I see. Obviously it wasn't the correct way to communicate, as discussion pages are about the page they are attached to. Still getting used to this system.
zeebra 2023/12/12 10:37 (UTC)

Yeah well, you don't get to change my own user-page of course (which is the page you are currently commenting on).
If you think you can contribute some good knowledge, however small you consider it to be, there is absolutely nothing against creating a new page in the HOWTOS section for that. Small edits on existing pages will not get the attention your update might deserve. And maybe after starting a page, you discover that there's more you can write on the topic? Good luck!
Eric Hameleers 2023/12/02 17:55 (UTC)

~~DISCUSSION|Testing the discussion plugin~~

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