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Well, I'm reading It's currently based around the 2.6 Linux kernel series and the GNU C Library version 2.7 (libc6).

If I want to help the fr: page of this, and I need to upgrade those versions, is the natural way is : - modify the english one - wait for validation (when draft be running) - translate the fr: one

Or - contacting author for modifications - waiting he does - waiting for validation - tranlate the fr:

Or - contacting authors (via talk page for example) - modify fr: (without waiting for english up to date).

That's an exemple to understand how process.

The Slackware Philosophy section reads …

We have always considered simplicity and stability paramount, and as a result Slackware has become one of the most popular, stable, and friendly distributions available.”

Should the word “We” be used? Is the author of the article speaking for Slackware? If it's a quote is should be shown to be a quote. TracyTiger (Aug 21, 2012)

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