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Hi aschyiel

Please do not create random pages. We would like you to create new content (in the english language at least) below the howtos: namespace hierarchy. I moved your page to a better location.

Also, check the other HOWTO pages to see how we want a quality page to look. Your page has no Level 1 heading, it has no tags (which we use to categorize our howto pages), and it does not really have depth of information (i.e. anyone can understand that typing “mplayer some.mp3” will play the song). Can you add some more background to the article, like advanced use of commandline parameters, and the mencoder program which is part of the MPlayer package?
Also, mentioning the various graphical front-ends would be nice.

Also I urge you to read the pages we created for the aspiring authors of this Wiki: Style Guide for Articles Published at SlackDocs and Wiki Tutorial and Guidelines.

Thanks, Eric
Eric Hameleers 2012/10/19 16:57

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