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Hi Jeremy!

In your article, fstab example, there is: UUID=23bce2c2-996d-449e-89cc-0e5029cc6d8d and PARTUUID=“6f47c81b-03”

Is that right that UUID is without doublequote, PARTUUID doublequoted? There are plenty different descriptions of above with doublequotes, without. Which version is correct? Is the same valid for lilo.conf and fstab?


I don't see a great way to nest replies here, so I'm just using the quote option.
As far as I know, in the fstab, it is optional to have quotes unless you're using a label and it has a space in its name. You can use whatever method you prefer more. But with lilo, it is more strict. You need quotes around the root entry. In UUID's case, it would be around “UUID=XXXXXXXX”, not just the UUID number itself. For PARTUUID, last I checked, lilo did not support it directly, but the kernel does, so you can't use the root option within the stanza, but rather you have to use an addappend option. Hopefully the lilo.conf entries in the wiki are well enough documented, but I can clarify them if needed.
 talk:howtos:slackware_admin:how_to_configure_fstab_and_lilo.conf_with_persistent_naming ()