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Discussion autour de liveslak

(hope I got the french right…) wrote alienbob. Perhaps – that's just a suggestion– “Discuter sur liveslak” eventually “Discussion sur liveslak”….. Hello, glad to see you here, Eric! ;^) Would you mean : « Discuter sur la distribution 'Liveslak'? » Is it your intention to exchange ideas about your Live OS, or talking about its documentation ? J'ai l'honneur de vous (ou de te…) souhaiter une bonne continuation. Cheers, — Pierre-Michel Averseng 2016/06/27 07:18 (UTC).

No, I just wanted to have this page created so that other people can give comments if they want. People without a Wiki account can edit “discussion” pages, but only if the page already exists.
Eric Hameleers 2016/06/26 11:04 (UTC)

Thanks, I see. Incidentally: I did notice about four minutes in advance for our new server ! Regards — Pierre-Michel Averseng 2016/06/27 07:19 (UTC).

Possibilité d'écrire dans cette fr:discussion, même si on n'a pas de droits “SlackWiki”. signé «Pouscaillou dans la nuit du 15 au 16 juillet 2016»

Looks like the text translation is complete now, Pierre! Great work.
Eric Hameleers 2016/08/29 12:36 (UTC)

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