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work in AWS EC2 is by using PV kernels. * **PV-GRUB:** packaged as AKI (Amazon Kernel Images), these little piece of software acts as a grub bootloader. This allows you to boot your own kern... ur Slackware image. For more information about PV-GRUB AKIs, please read this [[http://docs.aws.amazon.c... going to have a dom0 kernel to boot (called by PV-GRUB), in oppose to [[http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/
howtos:slackware_admin:uefi_triple_boot_with_refind_on_slackware: 25 Hits
in itself, - There might be no need to install GRUB or ELILO onto EFI partition, - A GUI screen wit... orMac OS X, Slackware with ELILO and Ubuntu with GRUB2. In this article, we will have a little summary... t incorporates both ELILO and also an EFI-capable GRUB; you can choose between the two but ELILO is defa... e to boot into your Linux system right away. ==== GRUB ==== If ELILO was not installed then we need to
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a suitable Linux kernel, and a boot loader. With grub2 you can also boot from the iso file by adding it to the grub menu. ===== Image of the Environment ===== All so... LILO to boot the installed system, and provides a GRUB-legacy package in ''/extra'' (32 bit only). Many distributions use GRUB (renamed from GRUB2) as their main boot loader. I
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le=tty0 console=ttyS0,38400" </file> ===== Setup GRUB-legacy boot loader ===== Edit ''/boot/grub/menu.lst'' and change it as follows: Add lines to the general section as follows: <file - /boot/grub/menu.lst> serial --speed=38400 terminal serial </... owing parameter to the kernel line: <file - /boot/grub/menu.lst> console=ttyS0,38400n8 </file> The comp
uk:howtos:slackware_admin:set_up_grub_as_boot_loader_on_uefi_based_hardware: 14 Hits
ar above). --> ====== Встановлення завантажувача Grub на UEFI обладнання ====== Встановлення та запуск... а цій сторінці описано встановлення завантажувача Grub2 для систем базованих на UEFI. Grub2 має перевагу, так як може показувати меню, яке надає можливість зр... пна послідовність складається з - Встановлення Grub2-efi на завантажувальну USB флешку (Цей крок можн
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====== Установка и настройка GRUB 2 (без перезагрузки) ====== Slackware с версии 14.1 содержит GRUB в наборе A. Если желаете установить GRUB сразу после установки системы (но до перезагрузки), ниже описа... :slackware_admin:installing_with_gpt_without_uefi#grub_2|Grub 2 с GPT и BIOS]]): После сообщения:\\ "In
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ine (see button bar above). --> ====== Setting up GRUB 2 on install (without rebooting) ====== There is GRUB in A series of Slackware-14.1. If you want to install GRUB immediately after install (and before restarting)... :slackware_admin:installing_with_gpt_without_uefi#grub_2|Grub 2 with GPT and a BIOS motherboard]] instea
howtos:slackware_admin:set_up_grub_as_boot_loader_on_uefi_based_hardware: 14 Hits
eadline (see button bar above). --> ====== Set up Grub as boot loader on UEFI hardware ====== Installat... ot slackware. This page describe installation of Grub2 as bootloader for UEFI based systems. Grub2 has the advantage that it brings up a menu on booting and ... equence followed is that of - Installation of Grub2-efi to a USB boot stick (This stage can be bypas
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arrer le système installé et fournit un paquetage GRUB dans ''/extra'' ( en 32 bits seulement ). Beaucoup de distributions utilisent GRUB ( renommé à partir de GRUB2 ) comme leur chargeur principal. Si vous avez un système Linux,vous avez pr... p </file> et éxécutez <code> # lilo </code> ==== GRUB ==== Ajoutez à ''/boot/grub/grub.cfg'' quelque c
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ns Linux, vous serez peut être plus familier avec GRUB. Si vous préférez utiliser GRUB, vous pouvez facilement le trouver dans le répertoire ''extra/'' sur un... **//lilo//**(8) pour l'installer. Contrairement à GRUB et à d'autres bootloaders, LILO nécessite que vou... nt très naturellement à un utilisateur de LILO ou GRUB. Les gens //"dual boot"// pour diverses raisons;
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iones Linux, puede que esté más familiarizado con GRUB. Si prefiere usar GRUB, lo puede encontrar en el directorio ''extra/'' en uno de sus CDs (o DVD) de Sla... **//lilo//**(8) para instalarlo. Al contrario de GRUB y otros cargadores de arranque, LILO requiere que... rece de manera natural para un usuario de LILO (o GRUB) La gente cuenta con un //"arranque dual"// por
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stributions before, you may be more familiar with GRUB. If you prefer to use GRUB instead, you can easily find it in the ''extra/'' directory on one of your... simply run **//lilo//**(8) to install it. Unlike GRUB and other bootloaders, LILO requires you re-run *... m on a computer comes very naturally to a LILO or GRUB user. People //"dual boot"// for a number of re
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=== Arranque UEFI === En computadoras con UEFI, Grub2 maneja el arranque y te mostrará un menú similar... lar) al menú de Syxlinux: <del>On UEFI computers, Grub2 handles the boot and it will show a menu similar... del>Help on boot parameters</del> Editar el menu Grub antes de arrancar es posible al presionar la tecl... shacer los cambios, presione <ESC> <del>Editing a Grub menu before booting it is possible by pressing th
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=== UEFI boot === Op UEFI computers verzorgt Grub2 de boot en het zal een soortgelijk menu tonen (e... emtest86+ * Hulp bij de opstart parameters Een Grub menu regel kan worden bewerkt door op de "e" toet... op <ESC>. Een ander verschil tussen Syslinux en Grub2 menu's: in Grub2 kun je een niet-VS-toetsenbord, taal en/of tijdzone selecteren en daarna keer je telk
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