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-====== Slackware Linux Essentials ======+ ====== Slackware Linux Essentials ======
 {{ :​slackbook:​slackmetal.jpg }} {{ :​slackbook:​slackmetal.jpg }}
-===== Intended Audience =====+<note important>​**The Slackbook pages in this wiki are not to be changed.** \\ 
 +The contents will be updated by the site editors to match the current working copy of the slackbook by the original authors.
-Slackware is a powerful, Intel-based distribution that can be configured ​to be a stable workstationan efficient server, and anything you really want it to be. It is stable, secure, and functional.+If you wish to recommend content or updates for the official bookvisit the website at [[http://​www.slackbook.org/​]]verify the current state of the book and follow the directions ​to contribute</​note>​
-This is to get you started with Slackware. It will not cover every little thing about the system, but it will introduce you to what is included and how to get yourself off the ground. You may even find later that it can be a good reference. But in all cases, it is a handy guide for most every part of the system. ​+===== Intended Audience ===== 
 ===== Why A New Slackware Book? ===== ===== Why A New Slackware Book? =====
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   - [[slackbook:​process_control|Process Control]]   - [[slackbook:​process_control|Process Control]]
   - [[slackbook:​xwindow_system|The X Window System]]   - [[slackbook:​xwindow_system|The X Window System]]
-  - [[slackbook:​cups|Printing]]+  - [[slackbook:​printing|Printing]]
   - [[slackbook:​users|Users and Groups]]   - [[slackbook:​users|Users and Groups]]
   - [[slackbook:​filesystem_permissions|Filesystem Permissions]]   - [[slackbook:​filesystem_permissions|Filesystem Permissions]]

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