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"How to use MPlayer on the command-line"
What is mplayer?

Basically, mplayer is a command-line music player packaged into most slackware installations. Because mplayer doesn't strictly require a desktop environment to be running, it is quite light and is ideal for wimpier machines such as netbooks.

How to invoke mplayer
$ mplayer ~/music/foo.mp3 # Tell mplayer to play your favourite song.
$ mplayer ~/music/*.mp3  # Tell mplayer to play all of your mp3 files under your music directory.
Useful shortcut keys

While running, mplayer can be controlled additional keyboard input.

Some simple but memorable shortcuts: spacebar - Toggles pause/play. return - Next track.


Don't accidentally hit the arrow keys while mplayer is running; It will alter the audio playback speed (quite annoying).

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