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Enable the builtin PDF viewer in Firefox

The “pdfjs” PDF viewer is built-in in Firefox since version 15.0, this means that there is no need to install a PDF viewer plugin like Adobe Reader additionally. The built-in PDF viewer renders PDF using HTML5 and JavaScript.

The PDF viewer is disabled by default, but that is likely going to change in the future, when the functionality has proven itself. In the meantime, you can enable it as follows:

  • In “about:config” set the property “browser.preferences.inContent” to “true”:
  • Also in “about:config” set the property “pdfjs.disabled” to “false”:
  • Finally, in the Firefox “Preferences > Applications” menu, search for the extension “PDF” and make sure the associated action is set to “preview in firefox”.

That's it! You don't even have to restart Firefox. Try opening a PDF, or even drag a PDF file from a filemanager into the Firefox window.


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