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Using Checkpoint SSL Network Extender (SNX) Client on Slackware

Checkpoint SSL Network Extender is a thin client used for remote connection to a Checkpoint Security Gateway 1). It is used, for instance, by corporations to enable secure remote access by employees.

This article describes how to configure a Slackware system so that you can use the Checkpoint SNX client.


In addition to a full Slackware installation, the following additional packages/libraries are required to run the SNX client:

Vincent has a whole suite of packages for converting all of Slackware's authentication to use Linux-PAM. For our purposes we only need the Linux-PAM libraries themselves.

If you are comfortable building/installing these packages, this may be all you need to know.

The remainder of this is devoted to more detailed description of the steps necessary to install the required Linux-PAM library. Multilib installation is not covered here as it is well documented elsewhere.


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