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Build A Slackware Mediacenter (HTPC) With XBMC

My Situation

I wanted a stand alone media center and everything pointed to XBMC. I tried the various LiveCD versions of XBMC but each had problems that either made to system just not work or were too annoying. The solution turned out to be a Slackware 14 box that boots right into XBMC.

Here's What I Did

1) Install Slackware on an old PC.

1a) Set the default windows manager to TWM.

2) Create user xbmc and login as user xbmc.

3) Copy /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.twm to ~/.xinitrc

4) Edit ~/.xixnitrc and at the bottom, change:

/usr/bin/twm &
/usr/bin/xclock -geometry 50x50-1+1 &
/usr/bin/xterm -geometry 80x50+494+51 &
/usr/bin/xterm -geometry 80x20+494-0 &
exec /usr/bin/xterm -geometry 80x66+0+0 -name login


/usr/bin/twm &
#/usr/bin/xclock -geometry 50x50-1+1 &
#/usr/bin/xterm -geometry 80x50+494+51 &
#/usr/bin/xterm -geometry 80x20+494-0 &
#exec /usr/bin/xterm -geometry 80x66+0+0 -name login
exec /usr/bin/xbmc -geometry +0+0

5) su back to root

6) Install FFMPEG, XBMC and their dependencies via sbopkg.

7) Edit /etc/rc.d/rc.local and add:

sudo -u xbmc startx

After you reboot the machine, it should boot right into XBMC and you should have a working media center/HTPC.

Some Other Things to Configure

If you keep your media files on other machines and they are accessible via Samba or NFS, make sure you:

To enable Samba file sharing:

chmod 755 /etc/rc.d/rc.samba;/etc/rc.d/rc.samba start

To enable NFS file sharing:

chmod 755 /etc/rc.d/rc.nfsd;/etc/rc.d/rc.nfsd start

For NFS, you'll have to do some other configuration but all that is explained in the NFS wiki pages.


* Originally written by arfon

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