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-Redirects ​to the [[..start|howtos ​page]]+<!-- Reviewed 2013-10-14 mfillpot --> 
 +====== HOWTO articles - Miscellaneous ====== 
 +This section contains how to articles which do not fit within any of the other main HOWTO categories. 
 +<note tip>​Inspired?​ Want to write a Miscellaneous HOWTO page yourself? \\ Type a new page name (no spaces - use underscores instead) and start creating! {{NEWPAGE>​howtos:misc:}} </​note>​ 
 +===== Overview of Slackware Miscellaneous HOWTOS ===== 
 +{{topic>​.?​howtos -template -topic_page&​nodate&​desc&​sort&​table&​tags}} 
 +<!-- Do not remove anything below this line please --> 
 +{{tag>​howtos topic_page}}

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