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Slackware ARM current

This is the development tree of Slackware. It is not a release, nor a rolling release - although every effort is made to maintain stability with each update.

Officially Supported Hardware

Type of Supported Hardware model ARM CPU type Documentation
Official Trimslice Pro armv7/Tegra20 NVIDIA Tegra20
Official ARM Versatile Express (emulated via QEMU) armv7 ARM Versatile Express
Official Banana Pi (Original & Pro), Orange Pi v1.2 armv7/Cortex-A7 AllWinner A20
Official Orange Pi Plus/Plus 2E/PC armv7/Cortex-A7 AllWinner H3

Community Supported Hardware

The Slackware ARM community supports additional hardware that suits their interests.

Type of Supported Hardware model ARM CPU type Documentation/Project home page
Community Raspberry Pi 2, 3 & 4 armv7 Broadcom something or other-needs fixing

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