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Slackware ARM 14.2

Slackware ARM has commonly been referred to as the “soft float port”. This is only important in so much as one is unable to perform an in-place upgrade from 14.2 to any newer release of Slackware due to: * The ABI is incompatible with all newer releases. In simple terms, this means that you cannot use packages from 14.2 on anything newer, and vice versa. * Support for the older armv5-only (such as “Plug” devices) hardware end with 14.2, as these cannot be supported by newer versions of Slackware, due to the change in ABI (the ARMv5 hardware does not have a hardware floating point processor).

The Soft Float port goes back to Slackware v11.0, but the “Officially supported” versions listed below are the versions currently maintained (receiving updates/patches).

Note: Slackware ARM 14.2 will cease to be maintained following the release of 15.0. As of November 2018, we have no end of support date.

Officially Supported Hardware

Type of Supported Hardware model ARM CPU type Slackware version
Official Trimslice armv7/Tegra20 14.2
Official Plug Computers armv5/Kirkwood 14.2
Official ARM Versatile (emulated via QEMU) armv5 14.2
Official Banana Pi armv7/Cortex-A7 14.2

Community Supported Hardware

Type of Supported Hardware model ARM CPU type Slackware version
Community Raspberry Pi 1 armv6 14.2
Community Raspberry Pi 2 armv7/Cortex-A7 14.2,-current
Community Raspberry Pi 3 armv8/Cortex-A53 14.2,-current
Community Toshiba AC100 armv7/Tegra2 13.37 14.0 14.1
Community Open Pandora armv7/Cortex-A8 13.37, 14.0, 14.1
Community OLinuXino A10 Lime armv7/A10 14.1
Community OLinuXino A10S Micro armv7/A10S 14.0
Community XZPAD700 (works on most Axx-based boards) armv7/Axx 14.0 14.1
Community OLinuXino iMX233 armv5/iMX233 14.1

If you're looking to get SlaXBMC on your ARM device you could start reading here.

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