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Line 35: Line 35:
 In this case the IP address of the Pi is In this case the IP address of the Pi is
-ssh into the Pi as root (<​enter>​ for password).+ssh into the Pi as root
 +<​code>#​ ssh root@</​code>​ 
 +Press <​enter>​ for password.
 Set the date: Set the date:
Line 82: Line 86:
 <​code>#​ mount /​dev/​mmcblk0p1 /​mnt/​boot</​code>​ <​code>#​ mount /​dev/​mmcblk0p1 /​mnt/​boot</​code>​
-Remove ​the ramdisk:+To free up some space, remove ​the ramdisk ​image:
-<​code>#​ rm /mnt/boot/config.gz</​code>​+<​code>#​ rm /mnt/boot/initrd.gz </​code>​
-Assuming ​your rootfs is mounted at /mnt, install extra packages:+Now, assuming ​your rootfs is mounted at /mnt, and boot partion at /​mnt/​boot ​install extra packages:
 <​code>#​ ROOT=/mnt installpkg /​rpi-extra/​kernel* /​rpi-extra/​sarpi*</​code>​ <​code>#​ ROOT=/mnt installpkg /​rpi-extra/​kernel* /​rpi-extra/​sarpi*</​code>​
Line 104: Line 108:
 # /​etc/​rc.d/​rc.ntpd start</​code>​ # /​etc/​rc.d/​rc.ntpd start</​code>​
 +Note that the RPi ssh identity has now changed from the one used for the installer, so when you ssh to your newly installed Slackware box you will have to remove the entry from .ssh/​known_hosts on your ssh client.
 ====== Sources ====== ====== Sources ======
-  * Originally ​written by [[wiki:​user:​bifferos | User bifferos]]+  * Much information taken from the [[http://​ | SARPi website]] 
 +  * Page written by [[wiki:​user:​bifferos | User bifferos]]
 {{tag>​howtos RPi raspberry arm author_bifferos}} {{tag>​howtos RPi raspberry arm author_bifferos}}

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