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Slackware ARM on the Raspberry Pi 2

The Raspberry Pi 2 has a quad-core ARMv7 (Cortex-A7) 900MHz CPU and 1GB 450MHz LPDDR2 SDRAM. This revised and upgraded ARM single board computer supplants it's predecessor, the Raspberry Pi (1), and is considerably more powerful. Which is great for running Slackware ARM because every thing happens so much quicker and running/executing/compiling times are slashed dramatically in comparison.

The Raspberry Pi 2 is supported outside of the official Slackware ARM tree by the Slackware community.

Slackware releases 14.2, -current

Slackware ARM -current and Slackware ARM 14.2 can both be installed on the Raspberry Pi 2.

Follow the link(s) in the table below. These are maintained by a separate author as part of the Slackware-on-Raspberry Pi community.

Site Slackware versions Using official Slackware packages Installation methods Notes
FatDog 14.2, -current Yes Slackware installer An end-to-end HOW TO guiding you through the installation and setup process.

As long you use recent raspbian image the Raspberry Pi 1 manual install method also works for the Pi 2.


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