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 +===== Note: Needs update (March 2020) =====
 +The helper scripts were built for qemu-2.5, and do not work with the latest version of qemu (4.2 at the time of writing).
 +The issues are to do with the network support. ​ If you get the helper scripts working, please post a diff [[https://​www.linuxquestions.org/​questions/​slackware-arm-108/​qemu-system-arm-panic-on-x86_64-a-4175670124/​|on here]] or email mozes at slackware.
 +Please base fixes on the [[ftp://​ftp.arm.slackware.com/​slackwarearm/​boardsupport/​qemu/​slackwarearm-current/​helper-scripts/​|the latest scripts]]
 ====== Qemu Support in Slackware ARM ====== ====== Qemu Support in Slackware ARM ======

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